UCPath Transactions Course Offerings

The systemwide UCPath course are most appropriate for staff who accesses UCPath to transact, approve, and/or monitor transactions. These employees work in the following areas:

  • Shared Services Centers (SSC)
  • Central Human Resources (HR)
  • Academic Personnel Office (APO)
  • Business and Financial Services (BFS) / Central Accounting (CA)
  • Financial and Planning Analysis (FPA) / Central Budget Office (CBO)

Basics & Navigation

UCPath Help

  • UCPath Help for Locations

    The UCPath Help for Locations Site provides demo videos, system simulations, and comprehensive job aids for all UCPath actions, including Basics and Navigation, Absence Management, General Ledger, Payroll and Workforce Administration (UCPath resources, self-paced).

  • UCPath Help Site Overview

    The UCPath Help Site Overview course provides an overview of the UCPath Help site. It explains how to access the site, as well as how to navigate and search the site to locate learning and support resources for the UCPath application (UCPath ecourse, 15 minutes).

Absence Management


General Ledger

Workforce Administration