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Being a pilot campus has been extremely challenging and we want to thank everyone on the project team, central offices and SSCs for taking on this enormous project. Many of the other UC campuses have greatly benefited from our lessons learned as we pave the way for all UC’s to move to UCPath. While acknowledging all of the hard work over the past year, we also must acknowledge the pressing work that needs to be done. Since stabilization is taking longer than expected the project team is conducting a comprehensive review of the UCR implementation, process and structure. The comprehensive review includes soliciting feedback from campus leadership, shared service center staff, project team members, campus operational staff, central offices, UCPC and other stakeholders in an effort to improve the campus UCPath experience. In addition, a client experience survey of operational staff (this Navigator audience) has been conducted, and key metrics from our local ServiceLink tool and the UCPath system is currently being gathered. Feedback will be solicited from the campus in the course of this review and a proposal for improvement will then be developed. We welcome your comments and ideas for improvement, please forward them to fomucpath@ucr.edu.

We still have some unacceptable issues that need to be permanently fixed. In particular, the continuing issues plaguing student pay is a top priority. We are acutely aware that people’s lives are being negatively impacted so it is crucial that we continue to improve and make sure that we prevent additional hardships on the lives of our employees. UCR and UCOP are taking this very seriously and coming together to find solutions. 

As always, we appreciate your patience. If you have questions or concerns, academics can email UCPathHelp@ucr.edu, and staff can email fomucpath@ucr.edu.