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With the one year anniversary of the FOM|UCPath implementation quickly approaching, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our colleagues that have implemented and are working directly with UCPath. The UCR Project Team is still working very hard to improve stability and the campus experience with UCPath, which has taken much longer than we had anticipated. We acknowledge that this has been a very significant effort and the system has not yet brought the efficiencies we had hoped for.

Recent progress has been hindered with the addition of two large campuses to the system in September. Since then we have observed that the significantly increased transaction and support volume has caused performance issues with the UCPath system which has led to delays in updating HRDW and SuperDOPE. The UCR Project Team is actively working with ITS to find ways to improve the performance of our local systems.

Unfortunately, we are also aware that graduate students continue to see issues with their paychecks. A communication has been distributed directly to them informing them that the Project Team and campus Shared Services Centers are now monitoring and auditing payroll data before checks are cut, allowing the campus to catch many errors and mitigate pay issues with the UCPath Center before payday. We encourage you to relate this information to any graduate students and post docs that you work with, and to advise them to email the UCR Academic Personnel Team at UCPATHhelp@ucr.edu  if they find any issues with their paychecks. They may also visit the newly updated FAQ section on the FOM|UCPath Academic Personnel webpage located at: www.ucrpath.ucr.edu . The Project Team and campus central offices have been working diligently on additional ways to alleviate the burden on graduate students and just this week have gained agreement with the graduate student union to allow UCR to use the pay cards for graduate students who desire to do so. This will allow for more rapid payments than previous options.

Finally, as part of the campus-wide Implementation Review, the FOM|UCPath Client Experience Survey was emailed to operational staff (those with HR, AP, payroll and financial responsibilities) on November 1st. We strongly encourage you to complete this survey and provide your feedback before November 14. The purpose of this review is to examine all aspects of UCR’s interaction with UCPath and to identify the most critical improvements that can be made to UCR’s UCPath experience. Your feedback will be used, along with other key sources of information, to inform the priorities of this effort and to help us in developing solutions that benefit the campus. If you did not receive a link to the survey, please email fomucpath@ucr.edu.

As always, we appreciate your patience. If you have questions or concerns, academics can email UCPathHelp@ucr.edu, and staff can email fomucpath@ucr.edu.

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