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UCPath Cutover


In May 2020, UC San Diego (UCSD) and UC San Francisco (UCSF) are planned to become the next UC locations to implement UCPath, which will add 63,455 employees, increasing the total number of employees served by the UCPath center to 228,149. During this transition, there will be TWO downtimes over a total of 10 days, including 5 business days when UCPath will be down. Direct access for UCR employees to UCPath and UCPath Center support services through the portal will be limited. The timing of this transition during COVID-19 may include some challenges. However, UCR’s Campus Support Center (CSC), the UCPath Center and Shared Services Centers will be doing their best to mitigate any problems that may arise during this period.

Please review your earnings statement
(see below for timeframe) so that any missed pay or under payments can be mitigated before the shutdown. Due to COVID-19 remote working, the UCPath Center (UCPC) is still finalizing  communication methods during the downtime. We will update you with contact details for the UCPC as we get closer to the two outages. If you experience problems, please do not hesitate to reach out to the UCR Campus Support Center (CSC) for assistance at (951) 827-9500 or send an email to UCPathhelp@ucr.edu.

Dates & Times UCPath will be unavailable

·        Downtime 1: Wednesday, April 29th at 10 pm until Tuesday, May 5th at 8am

·        Downtime 2: Friday, May 22nd at 10 pm until Thursday, May 27th at 12 pm

 The UCPath self-service portal will be unavailable during the key dates noted above. 

·          Faculty, staff, and student workers will not be able to visit UCPath online to view/download W-2s, pay statements, leave balances, etc., during the two outages.

Paychecks: Paychecks will be delivered as scheduled, however Earnings Statements (paystubs) will only be available when the portal is available. We request that employees access their paystubs as soon as they are available to confirm their accuracy and reach out if there are any questions or concerns.

Monthly Paid Employees:  Earnings Statements for May 1st paycheck, will be available during the following time periods.

·        From April 29th until 10 pm,

·        From May 5th at 8 am – May 22nd at 10 pm

·        After May 27th at 12 pm 

Bi-weekly Paid Employees: Earnings Statements for April 29th paycheck will be available during the following time periods:

·        From April 28th – April 29th at 10 pm

·        From May 5th at 8 am – May 22nd at 10pm

·        May 22nd until 10pm for the May 27th paycheck, then after May 27th at 12pm       

Earnings Statements for May 27th paycheck will be available during the following time periods:

·        May 22nd until 10 pm, then after May 27th at 12pm onwards           

 Whom to Contact with Questions:

Campus Contacts

·        For issues that need resolution please email UCPathhelp@ucr.edu.

·        For general questions please email  UCPathCSC@ucr.edu