Message From Our Sponsors

As we get closer to go live, we are moving from the marathon mode to the sprint phase. Project activities are ramping up, and we are beginning the big push to get us to go live. The Shared Services teams are onboarding their new clients and developing good working relationships. These relationships will serve us all well when we go live at the end of the year.

UCPath is finalizing the web portal which will be the tool we all will use to view our paychecks, review vacation accruals and manage our benefits. The portal will also be the place where Shared Services resources will access the new payroll system and input transactions.

Testing of all the new systems—end to end, including making sure that paychecks will be accurate and all of the functionality we are expecting will actually work, is going well. There are plenty of things that remain to be done or corrected, but we are beginning to see the new reality emerge.

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Subject Matter Expert Question & Answer

Sherice Underwood

How do you benefit from being a FOM|UCPath SME?

I am gaining knowledge first hand on all the changes coming to the campus, and I am excited to provide feedback and help shape UCR's future. I feel extremely fortunate to be involved and honored that the project team values my opinion. The more hands-on experience I have now, the more valuable I will be to the campus as the new processes rollout. 

Do you feel more knowledgeable about the changes that will occur?


How will your organization benefit from your participation as a FOM|UCPath SME?

I have been heavily involved in most of the FOM and Non-FOM processes and have been able to provide feedback as a SME. This will enable me to help train and be a valuable resource to my college and the campus going forward. 

Sherice Underwood
College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences 


 The UCPath Center is a new Shared Services Center in Riverside, Calif., designed to process payroll, benefits and human resources transactions for the employees of the University of California. Watch the videos below to learn more about the UCPath Center and the UCPath project.