Message From Our Sponsors 

As we approach the planned December 2017 pilot go-live for UCPath, we want to provide the campus community with an update on UCR’s efforts, systemwide project events that impact UCR, and key upcoming project dates. UCR’s project team is currently focused on critical data validation, system development, testing, and training activities targeted at preparing the UCPath system as well as the campus for go-live. During the month of October, the most critical of these are the ongoing Payroll Parallel validation efforts that confirm the accuracy of payroll in UCPath, and the User Acceptance Testing cycle that validates the resolution of system defects and the successful operation of key business processes. We will provide a further update to the campus at the conclusion of these activities. Please be assured that go-live approval is dependent on confirming a high level of accuracy for UCR paychecks as well as the ability of the project team to quickly and efficiently resolve issues that arise at go-live.

Upcoming campus-wide communications will focus on the changes that will occur on employee paychecks, differences between At Your Service Online (AYSO) and UCPath and other impacts to all employees. Targeted messages will also provide information regarding changes to pay methods, workforce administration, absence management and benefits. Outreach to faculty regarding specific impacts of UCPath is currently ongoing and will continue, and additional knowledge transfer sessions available to all employees will be scheduled for the month of November. 

While UCR continues to move forward, the systemwide project has experienced a significant change. On October 4, President Napolitano & Chancellor Block of UCLA announced their mutual agreement for UCLA to defer its campus and medical center deployment of UCPath from December 2017 to a later date. This decision was based on analysis indicating that issues associated with the size, distributed nature and complexity of UCLA were significantly increasing the risk to a successful go-live for the other pilot locations, which include UCR, UC Merced and ASUCLA. With UCLA’s deferral at this time, the Office of the President is now able to focus all possible resources on a successful pilot implementation for this critical UC initiative.

UCLA has committed to provide support to UCR and the other pilot locations, and indeed has already begun to provide some of its key project team members to assist UCR. UCR and the other pilot locations remain committed to the December 2017 go-live date and the agreed upon implementation framework, which are now more achievable. As UCR’s project sponsors, we will provide Chancellor Wilcox with a campus recommendation on go-live in early November, which he will use to make the go/no-go decision for UCR. We will continue to keep leadership and the campus community informed of project progress as we move forward. We thank you for your continued partnership in this effort to enhance both UCR’s and UC’s future operations

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 The UCPath Center is a new Shared Services Center in Riverside, Calif., designed to process payroll, benefits and human resources transactions for the employees of the University of California. Watch the videos below to learn more about the UCPath Center and the UCPath project.