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On Thursday, March 29th, UCR welcomed UC President Janet Napolitano and UC Riverside Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox to a FOM|UCPath appreciation event. The venue was packed, the walls were reverberating with lively conversation, and smiles were everywhere as President Napolitano entered the room. The team was thrilled to be in the company of our University’s leaders who recognized the tremendous effort that has been, and continues to be, put into the success of this critical project. President Napolitano made a special trip to UCR for this event and took every opportunity to meet those who made UCR’s implementation happen.

She personally congratulated the team for implementing a system that will eventually serve employees across the 10 UC campuses, five medical centers and other university entities. She also told the group of employees gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion, “I know many of you sacrificed winter break and being away from your families during Christmas. Thank you, because this will make for a smoother road for the other UCs as they transition. I want to thank you on behalf of UC and the Board of Regents. I deeply appreciate the commitment. UCPath will help us become effective and more efficient.”

Chancellor Wilcox said that FOM|UCPath was a project about values because it impacts every single person. The timely roll-out of this project – even with the hiccups the FOM|UCPath team encountered – was an overall success because FOM|UCPath team members worked with intention. “Today, you’ve done something great,” Wilcox said. “This was intentional. We said we’re going to step up for UCR and the rest of the system and we did it. These are the kinds of jobs that are transformational in the life of a university. I’m proud of you for that.”

President Napolitano’s and Chancellor Wilcox's visit reminded our team that this project is bigger than just UCR, and that we have truly paved the way for the other UC campuses, medical centers, and research laboratories to succeed. UCR continues to achieve nothing less than what the UC system stands for: the gold standard.  This is an ongoing project and the biggest of its kind, and an example of how our campus contributes to the greater UC mission.

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 The UCPath Center is a new Shared Services Center in Riverside, Calif., designed to process payroll, benefits and human resources transactions for the employees of the University of California. Watch the videos below to learn more about the UCPath Center and the UCPath project.