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The FOM|UCPath team remains dedicated to Hypercare and to the resolution of issues as we continue to focus on supporting campus operations. As the number of Hypercare tickets, phone calls, and next day paychecks decrease, we have increased focus on proactive enhancements to UCPath processes and systems. UCR also continues to make progress in the local development of reports and queries to assist the campus with the upcoming fiscal close. We continue to identify issues with financial data and are working toward resolution with the UCPath Center and UCOP PMO. Overall, the goal of the FOM|UCPath project remains the same: To create business efficiencies that maximize the resources available for teaching, research, and public service.

President Napolitano’s and Chancellor Wilcox's visit last month reminded our team that this project is bigger than just UCR. We continue to document lessons learned that will be shared with other locations scheduled to go live with UCPath. This will not only provide a roadmap for other UC’s but will also provide an opportunity for them to resolve and identify issues before they go live. As we move forward, we continue to learn, but we are also working on innovative best practices, which will serve as a model for the entire UC system. We thank you for your support and encourage you to share your challenges and successes with the project team.

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 The UCPath Center is a new Shared Services Center in Riverside, Calif., designed to process payroll, benefits and human resources transactions for the employees of the University of California. Watch the videos below to learn more about the UCPath Center and the UCPath project.