UCPath Online 



Employees can log into UCPath Online (formerly known as the UCPath Portal) for the following:

  • View pay statements, W-2s (after 2018), benefits, vacation, sick and other leave balances (e.g., sabbatical leave).
  • View and edit personal information (contact information, emergency contacts, degrees, licenses), direct deposit accounts, tax withholdings and generate employment verifications.
  • For more information, open this handout, watch a short tutorial, or scroll down to the "How to Use UCPath Online" section below.         






Although the UCPath Portal replaces many functions in AYSO, employees and retirees will still access AYSO for the following: 

  • Manage beneficiaries and estimate retirement earnings
  • View retiree pay statements and1099R statements
  • Access W-2s and earnings statements for 2017 and earlier (W-2s and earnings statements for 2018 and beyond will be available on UCPath)
  • Open this handout to learn more about what has changed with AYSO and what remains the same.

How to Use UCPath Online

The UCPath Center has created detailed How-To Guides posted on the UCPath Self-Service Help Site, as well as a comprehensive pdf version.

UCPath Help Site Overview

Employee Actions: Benefits Information

Employee Actions: Payroll Information

Employee Actions: Personal Information

Manager Actions

Open Enrollment via UCPath

Additional Information

UCR has developed information to help campus employees understand the recent changes. Visit our Communications Page or the Training Resources Page for the following resources:

Who to Contact

Employees should continue to reach out to their regular support contacts, such as a supervisor, Human Resources/Academic Personnel staff, or relevant Shared Services Center. These local support contacts will then escalate issues to the appropriate UCPath Hypercare Support Team if needed (e.g., payroll transactions, local systems & processes, data corrections, and IT).

You may also email the project team at fomucpath@ucr.edu with questions or concerns.

Faculty and other academics should email UCPathhelp@ucr.edu