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View Your Pay Statement on the UCPath Employee Portal 

All UC Riverside faculty and staff may now access UCPath. Effective January 2, 2018, monthly pay statements are available on the UCPath portal: Use the UCPath portal to:

  • View your earnings statement (January 2nd for monthly employees and January 10th for bi-weekly employees)
  • Check your vacation and sick leave balances (e.g., sabbatical leave)
  • Make changes to your personal information
  • Sign up for (or update) your direct deposit

UCPath is mobile-friendly on any device and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The portal includes tutorials and step-by-step instructions for most UCPath features. For more information, please download this New Portal with UCPath handout.

UCPath & Employee Pay

With UCPath, you will see a number of changes:

  • Your new UCPath earnings statement: Your UCPath paycheck and earnings statement look different now. For a summary of the new features, click here. Your new earnings statement includes your new employee ID number. Vacation and sick leave balances are no longer on paychecks or earnings statements. With UCPath, you can view your leave balances on the UCPath portal with your computer or mobile device. Your earnings statement is available on the UCPath portal two days before pay day.
  • Pay calculations and deductions: UCPath uses current industry-standard, automated calculations for payroll deductions and withholdings. As a result, some deductions may be shown in a new order or be listed under different names. You may also notice differences due to new tax rates, voluntary deductions, benefit rates and benefit elections that are unrelated to UCPath (Please view page two of this UCPath Paycheck document). If you have questions, please contact your supervisor, HR/AP staff, or your relevant Shared Service Center.
  • AYSO is now primarily view-only for functions that are moving to UCPath click here to see the differences. Access your AYSO account here.
    • You will still access AYSO to manage beneficiaries and estimate retirement earnings.
    • Retirees will use AYSO to view retiree pay statements and1099R statements. 
    • W-2s and earnings statements for 2017 and earlier will continue to be available on At Your Service Online (AYSO).
    • W-2s and earnings statements for 2018 and beyond will be available on UCPath.
  • Paycheck delivery: If you receive a paper paycheck, it will be sent to your home address by U.S. Mail on payday. It will arrive at your home address after payday. This is a good time to sign up for direct deposit directly in UCPath.
  • You will no longer receive an email notifying you that your paycheck has been direct deposited.  Please confirm your deposits as you normally would.

Find more information about the UCPath project, please visit the following UCPath websites:

UCPath Center (UCPC)

UCPath Center

UCPath is  the shared services hub for  the UC system where payroll, benefits and HR information will be centralized to ensure that employees receive consistent, accurate job-related information. UCPath Center staff provides  individualized support to UC employees and is available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on UC holidays. Located in Riverside, CA, the UCPath Center building is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified. Twenty-five percent of UCPath Center staff has previously worked at other UC locations. 


UCPath Services

UCPath helps us work more efficiently with new technology and a centralized system:

  • Better tools for managers and employees
  • Common processes across all UC locations
  • Dedicated resource for employee support 
  • Single system of record for reporting
  • Improved visibility to employee data 
  • Centralized payroll and benefits management
  • Absence management and leave tracking
  • Streamlined interlocation job transfers

Find out more about all the things you can do with UCPath by taking courses for each job function. View the Fom|UCPath training courses for more information.