Within each Learning Path there is flexibility to move course order around, but in general, courses should be taken in the order listed below.
  • The General Population with no HR, AP, or BFS responsibilities will primarily need training on the use of the portal (also known as UCPath Online).
  • Individuals at the organizational unit/department level who request or initiate requests in ServiceLink, will primarily need training on FOM processes and ServiceLink.
  • Individuals in Shared Services Centers who interact with the ServiceLink Fulfiller view and transact in UCPath, need training on FOM processes, ServiceLink, and UCPath/PeopleSoft.
For additional information on learning paths and/or more information on what course(s) are best suited for your role, please send an email to fomucpathtraining@ucr.edu.  

 Learning Paths SSC

Shared Services Centers

SSC Fulfillers and/or SSC Approvers

HR/AP Generalists, Supervisors, Analysts, and Assistants

Payroll Analyst / Assistant

Leave Coordinator


Learning Paths Central Offices


All Central Offices

HR Benefits & Compensation

AP Office

Business & Financial Services (BFS) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FPA)

Disability Management Office

Learning Paths Org Units

Departments &
Org Units

All Process Initiators

All Managers & Supervisors

HR/AP Staff

Financial Staff