What is FOM|UCPath? 

The UCPath project is the largest shared services effort in higher education nationwide. It includes the replacement of Payroll & Personnel System (PPS) instances with a single PeopleSoft implementation called the UCPath system. In addition, a central systemwide shared services organization, the UCPath Center (UCPC), will be implemented to support core human resources, academic personnel and payroll services. 

When it is fully functional, UCPath will serve over 200,000 UC employees across 10 campuses, five medical centers and other university facilities. It is a key program of the University of California's Working Smarter initiative to strategically improve the efficiency of the University's business operations and direct savings to the core mission of teaching, research and public service. In August 2015, UCR joined the pilot phase along with UC Merced and ASUCLA. 
At the same time, UCR has embarked on a comprehensive Organizational Excellence effort called the Future Operating Model (FOM) initiative. In tandem with our participation as a pilot UCPath campus, the FOM initiative provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to transform our business processes in ways that will most effectively meet the needs of the campus in the UCPath environment, and by doing so to act as a model for the UC system. 
In the pilot phase, FOM will implement a common business model for campus shared services supported by four Shared Services Centers. While the majority of the UCPath-related processes will be supported by the Shared Services Centers, seven critical processes will be optimized for more efficient delivery. Further optimization of these seven processes and other non-optimized processes (Non-FOM) will be addressed in future phases. 


FOM|UCPath's Alignment with Mission

FOM|UCPath aligns with UCR's vision of Organizational Excellence by creating business efficiencies to maximize the resources available for teaching, research and public service. 

By implementing modern technology and tools for managing UCR's workforce; simplifying and standardizing HR, payroll and academic personnel administrative processes; improving efficiency and service quality through new approaches to service delivery; and encouraging a better environment for conducting business with a motivated workforce, FOM|UCPath will deliver the following positive impacts to UCR departments and organizational units: 


  • Provides a framework for more effective delivery of administrative services through uniform, optimized processes
  • Helps address the issue of limited future funding for administrative support
  • Promotes UCR's focus on its educational and research mission  
  • Creates administrative support capacity and limits cost increases associated with future campus growth
  • Optimally align UCR's business operations by simplifying campus interactions with the UCPC
  • Strengthens Organizational Excellence through a culture of collaboration

Benefits of FOM|UCPath

To fulfill our strategic vision of Organizational Excellence, UCR has embarked on a campuswide effort to re-engineer key business processes that will optimize service delivery, create efficiencies and incorporate industry best practices. 

Benefits of FOM UCPath

When Will FOM|UCPath Launch?

Because UC is a complex organization with more than 200,000 employees across 20 locations, UCPath will be launched as a series of deployments. Each deployment group consists of four to five locations. This approach allows time for system tests and imporvements between deployments. UCPath is scheduled to be live at all locations by the end of 2018. 

UCR is a pilot campus and among the first slated for deployment of UCPath, along with UC Merced and ASUCLA. The first phase of FOM is going to launch simultaneously with UCPath. The remaining phases will continue thereafter.

For the latest deployment updates, visit ucpathproject.ucop.edu