Tanya Wine

Name: Tanya Wine

Department: Economics and Political Science

Length of time on the project: 11 months  

How do you benefit from being a FOM|UCPath SME?

I have benefited from working with a cross-section of the campus community that I would not normally get to work with. Bobbi and Alfred are receptive to new, outside-of-the-box thinking, and have allowed the finance team the space to really create and foster ownership of our work. I am able to inspire others to be open-minded and more receptive to the changes brought on by this project. I have been able to improve my presenting skills through my work with the FOM team by presenting at Knowledge Transfer workshops. It is great to talk to people about the exciting things that are happening. 

Do you feel more knowledgeable about the changes that will occur?   

 I have a lot more knowledge about the UCPath project and the changes that will impact my organization and my own staff than I did when I first walked through the door. I am more prepared to talk about the exciting things that are happening with the project.

Please describe how your organization benefits from your participation as a FOM|UCPath SME:

My organization has already benefited from my participation. For example, I gave a presentation at our Winter FAO meeting, and I am continually updating my CFAO on issues that may impact our college. I have also been a partner in our college transition from BAS SSC to CNAS SSC. Having the knowledge about how the FOM processes will impact this transition will help to manage the expectations for my group once the project launches.