Sherice Underwood

Name: Sherice Underwood

Department: College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Length of time on the project: 1 year  

How do you benefit from being a FOM|UCPath SME?

I am gaining knowledge first hand on all the changes coming to the campus, and I am excited to provide feedback and help shape UCR's future. I feel extremely fortunate to be involved and honored that the project team values my opinion. The more hands-on experience I have now, the more valuable I will be to the campus as the new processes rollout. 

Do you feel more knowledgeable about the changes that will occur?   


Please describe how your organization benefits from your participation as a FOM|UCPath SME:

I have been heavily involved in most of the FOM and Non-FOM processes and have been able to provide feedback as a SME. This will enable me to help train and be a valuable resource to my college and that campus going forward.