Deb Terao

Name: Deborah Terao

Department:  Botany & Plant Sciences

Length of time on the project:  Five months

How do you benefit from being a FOM|UCPath SME?

This project has provided professional development opportunities that are unique and not always available at the departmental level. I have learned to use software and technology that is new to me, networked with staff in central administration and learned how processes work in greater detail.  I have also become more aware of the issues and concerns of other units, both academic and non-academic, outside of CNAS.

Do you feel more knowledgeable about the changes that will occur?   

Yes.  I would like to urge the project team to share information more broadly across campus to ensure that all levels of campus are engaged and aware of the upcoming changes, some of which will be significantly different than our current processes. 

Please describe how your organization benefits from your participation as a FOM|UCPath SME:

I can proactively recommend solutions that would effectively address potential issues and concerns that are specific to CNAS.  I have also shared knowledge of our progress on the FOM/UCPath project with the CFAO of CNAS and can assist with org-level change management and training in the near future.