Alissa Rackstraw

Name: Alissa Rackstraw 

Department:  BCOE, Dean's Office

Length of time on the project: Three Years 

How do you benefit from being a FOM|UCPath SME?

I benefit from being a SME because I am getting the chance to see first-hand how the entire project is evolving and how all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Being a part of the process and seeing all the work that is going into it, along with deliverables being completed allows me to see that this is really happening and the benefits are much more obvious. 

Do you feel more knowledgeable about the changes that will occur?   

Working on spec documents, workflow designs and flow charts has given me a better understanding of the optimization process and plans for the future state. My involvement has increased my understanding of the need and desire for change, and the complexities of making the changes happen. 

Please describe how your organization benefits from your participation as a FOM|UCPath SME:

My participation allows my organization to have more if a stake in the game. I'm also able to provide details and information to my organization that others not involved in the project may not know, which allows us to prepare for the future.