• What Is UCPath?

UCPath is more than new technology or an employee portal, it’s a business transformation that changes the way we do our work and how we work together. When UCPath arrives at UC Riverside in December, you’ll have new tools and processes designed to help you work more efficiently. You’ll also find many new features that enhance support for all employees, including UC’s academic and health system employees.

UCPath is a collaborative effort that started with experts from all campuses and medical centers working together to standardize more than 100 UC HR, payroll and benefits business processes. Campus and project teams also tested UCPath for more than a year to make sure the system is ready for the pilot launch at  UC Merced and UC Riverside in December. These teams will continue to monitor UCPath, address issues, add new features and refine processes before launching to all remaining UC locations in 2018. 

UC’s current payroll personnel system (PPS) is more than 35 years old and doesn’t meet the changing needs of our complex employee population. What’s more, many of the processes we follow today have been modified over the past three decades and vary greatly across UC – even though our operations are not that different. 

Soon we’ll share UC-wide common practices that will flow through the UCPath Center. With UCPath, we have an opportunity to reshape our processes and create more efficient ways to get work done, so we can all focus on UC’s core mission of teaching, research and public service.

UCPath Center (UCPC)

UCPath Center

UCPath is  the shared services hub for  the UC system where payroll, benefits and HR information will be centralized to ensure that employees receive consistent, accurate job-related information. UCPath Center staff provides  individualized support to UC employees and is available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on UC holidays. Located in Riverside, CA, the UCPath Center building is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified. Twenty-five percent of UCPath Center staff has previously worked at other UC locations. 


UCPath Services

UCPath helps us work more efficiently with new technology and a centralized system:

  • Better tools for managers and employees
  • Common processes across all UC locations
  • Dedicated resource for employee support 
  • Single system of record for reporting
  • Improved visibility to employee data 
  • Centralized payroll and benefits management
  • Absence management and leave tracking
  • Streamlined interlocation job transfers

Find out more about all the things you can do with UCPath by taking courses for each job function. View the Fom|UCPath training courses for more information.