UC Riverside Future Operating Model (FOM) Course Offerings 

These courses reflect processes specific to UCR and are being developed locally. 26 courses: 12 ILT, 14 Webinar and/or online. 

Tools and Navigation

  • UCRSL100: Intro to Service Link

Salary Cost Transfer

  • UCRSCT110: Salary Cost Transfer

Full Accounting Unit (FAU)

  • UCRFAU110: Complex FAU Changes

Time and Attendance

  • UCRTA100: Staff, Academic, Supervisor Intro
  • UCRTA110: Time & Attendance Reporting
  • UCRNF120: Manage Accruals & Usage 


  • UCRNF120: Managing Performance Data & Processing Staff Merits 
  • UCRNF100: Additional Compensation (job aid)

University of California UCPath Course Offerings

The University of California course offerings are created specifically for UC System campuses. These courses reflect UC level processes. 40 courses: 18 ILT, 22 WBT.


  • NAV100: PeopleSoft Overview
  • NAV105: Basics and Navigation
  • NAV106: Reports and Processes
  • NAV108: Cognos Reports
  • NAV310: AWE Overview and Approvals
  • NAV 320: Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)


  • SEC 300: Security Provisioning (job aid)
  • SEC301: Location Error Reporting (job aid)

Absence Management

  • ABM100: Absence Management Overview
  • ABML195: Absence Management Inquiry
  • ABML200: Extended Leaves of Absence
  • ABML201: Employee Accrual Adjustments

Workforce Administration

  • WFA100: Employee Data Inquiry
  • WFA110: WFA Overview
  • WFA205: Person of Interest
  • WFA210: Allocation Compensation
  • WFA215: Mass Hire
  • WFA220: Experienced Based Pay
  • WFA225: Mass Data Change
  • WFA250: Template Transaction, Part 1
  • WFA260: Template Transaction, Part 2
  • WFA270: PayPath Transactions, Part 1
  • WFA280: PayPath Transactions, Part 2
  • WFA300: Position Control
  • WFA301: Position Administration


  • POR100: Portal Overview (job aid & simulation)
  • POR110: Employee Self Service: Personal Info
  • POR111: Employee Self Service: Payroll Info
  • POR112: Employee Self Service: Benefits Info 
  • POR120: Manager Self Service

General Ledger and Payroll

  • GEN100: Commitment Accounting Overview
  • GEN101: Chartfield Configuration
  • GEN102: GL Assessment Configuration
  • GEN110: Funding Entry Inquiry
  • GEN115: Direct Retro Inquiry
  • GENL201: Position Funding Entry and Updates 
  • GENL215: Budget Distribution
  • PAY200: Additional Compensation and Pay Adjustment Requests