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Future Operating Model Development

Future Operating Model

Introduction to FOM:

As part of the overall campus Organizational Excellence initiative championed by Vice Chancellors Maria Anguiano & Ron Coley, UCR has developed a new Future Operating Model (FOM) for administrative service delivery. FOM is a new approach to delivering key campus administrative services, focused on providing caring, personalized, accountable and compliant service. This goal of effective and efficient service through FOM is achieved by:

  • Adopting a new, more efficient structure for service delivery
  • Implementing consistent, professionalized & well-trained service roles
  • Utilizing optimized business processes & systems

For Phase I of the FOM effort, which coincides with the deployment of UCPath, UCR has embarked upon a campus-wide effort to re-design a limited set of key end-to-end business processes in the areas of Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Payroll & Financial Services.

Additional phases of the FOM effort will follow the UCPath implementation. Phase II of FOM will incorporate end-to-end process optimization of all other business processes in Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Payroll & Financial Services. Phase III of FOM will extend the model and process optimization effort to other areas of administrative service delivery.

Core Tenets of FOM Include:


Phase I FOM Processes:

UCR has identified 7 local business processes within the UCPath framework that will be re-designed & optimized end to end as part FOM Phase I. These processes are briefly described below. Other processes in the areas of Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Payroll & Financial Services will be updated as part of UCPath, but will not be fully optimized until FOM Phase II.



The successful implementation of FOM will bring many benefits to UC Riverside, including those noted below:



Find more detailed information about FOM here

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