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What is ePerformance? 

ePerformance is a delivered PeopleSoft module that will allow UCR to manage an additional component of the employment lifecycle - performance management - in one system providing users one platform with which to engage. UCR's implementation of ePerformance will replace the current paper performance appraisal process. ePerformance will streamline the appraisal process from goal planning to performance assessments. 


Benefits of ePerformance

  • A much needed online tool for performance appraisal management and tracking
  • Goal linking capabilities facilitate alignment between organizational objectives and individual performance goals
  • Allows for collaboration on performance evaluations and goals, review performance history and monitor and manage the overall performance process
  • Workflow notifications  inform participants throughout the performance cycle
  • Offers routing and electronic signing 
  • Provides enhanced reporting capabilities 

When Will ePerformance Launch?

UCR will implement ePerformance along with the next group of locations scheduled for a March 2019 deployment. ePerformance will start to be used to review performance in the spring of 2019. 

High-level time line: 

TAM & ePerformance Timeline

For more information on the implementation, contact Lorena Velasquez.