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March  2017 — Navigator

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Infographics - 7 FOM Processes

EXTENDED LEAVE | Infographic | Services Activity Summary

FAU | Infographic | | Services Activity Summary

OFFBOARDING | Infographic | Services Activity Summary

ONBOARDING | Infographic | Services Activity Summary

POSITION DATA MANAGEMENT | Infographic | Services Activity Summary

SALARY COST TRANSFER | Infographic | Services Activity Summary

TARS | Infographics | Services Activity Summary


Shared Services Implementation Knowledge Transfer Presentation

February/March 2017 — Shared Services Implementation Knowledge Transfer


FOM Project Documents 

Extended Leave Workflow 

FAU Management | Workflow 

Offboarding | Workflow 

Onboarding | Workflow 

Position Data Management | Workflow 

Salary Cost Transfer | Workflow 

Time and Attendance | Workflow 


Non-FOM Business Process Approach 

Outside Professional Activities Business Process Approach 


Non-FOM Standard Operating Procedure Documents 

Academic Mass PayPath Standard Operating Procedure 

Academic Mass Pay Changes Standard Operating Procedure 

Accounts Receivable Tracking Standard Operating Procedure 

CBR & Assessment Maintenance Standard Operating Procedure 

Config and FSPD Change Requests  Standard Operating Procedure 

Deduction Management  Standard Operating Procedure 

Financial Controls Processing Standard Operating Procedure 

Fiscal Year End | Standard Operating Procedure 

Imputed Income | Standard Operating Procedure 

Interlocation Transfer | Standard Operating Procedure 

Labor Ledger Support | Standard Operating Procedure 

Manage Budget and Staffing | Standard Operating Procedure 

Multi-Location Appointments | Standard Operating Procedure 

Non-Resident Alien Payroll | Standard Operating Procedure 

Payroll Processing | Standard Operating Procedure 

Records and Payroll Data Requests | Standard Operating Procedure 

Settlement Agreement Processing | Standard Operating Procedure 

Staff Mass Pay Changes | Standard Operating Procedure 

Support and Batch Processing | Standard Operating Procedure 

Tuition Remission | Standard Operating Procedure 

Management of Work Study |Standard Operating Procedure 


Non-FOM Workflow Documents

Additional Compensation  Workflow 

Changing Impacts Academic Components of Pay Workflow \

Data Changes Workflow \

Job Record End Date Monitoring Workflow 

Jobs Earning Distribution Workflow 

Manage Accruals and Usage Workflow 

Non-Resident Alien Payroll Workflow

Off-Cycle Checks | Workflow 

Overpayment Recovery | Workflow 

Payroll Adjustments | Workflow 

Performance Rating and Staff Merit Process | Workflow 

Probationary Status and Employment | Workflow 

Short Work Break | Workflow 

Work Authorization Re-Verification | Workflow 

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