Extended Leave of Absence

Will I be allowed to access the forms and fill them out online?  

Yes, currently, the UPAY 573 academic leave of absence form is a fillable PDF that is available on the APO website under leave of Absence.

What do I do if I want to take a sabbatical leave?

Requesting faculty member goes to Department Chair.

What do I do if I need to take a medical leave?

Requesting faculty member goes to Department Chair.

Who mails out leave paperwork? 

Whoever within your unit is handling the action.

Who is responsibble for educating me about extended leave of absence?

Whoever you go to now will continue to be responsible for educating you on your rights, responsibilities, policies, requirements and deadlines, with support from central office for complex cases.

Can I check my sabbatical credits online?



What is the difference between UCPath and UCR Fom|UCPath?

UCPath is a University of California-wide initative to centralize, standardize and streamline HR, payroll, general ledger, workforce administration and academic personnel processes across the enture UC system. UCPath is the largest PeopleSoft implementation ever undertaken by an academic institution or system within the United States. Systemwide, the UCPath effort is overseen by the UC Project Management Office (PMO) located at the UC Office of the President (UCOP). 

UCR Fom|UCPath is a campuswide effort to develop a Future Operating Model (FOM) for administrative service delivery to coincide with the UCPath deployment. 


Will we still be able to have final checks cut on the same day? 

No. In most cases, UCPath will distribute an employee's final paycheck on their next regularly-scheduled pay day (bi-weekly or monthly). If a check must be processed off-cycle per a bargaining agreement or UC Policy, the Shared Services Center will submit an exception request to UCPath, which will take at least 24 hours to process. 

Will Central Payroll still cut checks?

No, checks will be processed by UCPath instead of Central Payroll. 

Onboarding (Hiring)

Will employees be able to receive their NET ID on their first day of work?

Yes. There will still be the ability to go through a pre-hire process to obtain these earlier for LMS trainings.

Who will contact the new hire to schedule the onboarding appointment in Shared Services?

Whoever within your unit handling is handling the appointment.

What hiring changes do I need to be aware of? 

In the future, the following will be done in Shared Services: Oath, I-9, parking permit, aspects of background check, (where applicable) email and net ID. The time between offer letter and start date will be reduced. New hires will be sent a 15-day parking pass as part of their appointment letter. In a few cases every year hire documents are backdated because of late notification of new hires. This is out of compliance with federal and state law. In the future, it will not be possible to forget to tell someone you have hired a postdoc and then have them get paid at the normal time.


What happens if there is a mistake on my paycheck?

You would need to go to your Shared Service Center. After 6 months of UCPath initial hyper care, Off-Cycle pay checks will be rare.

Payroll Funds (FAU)

What do I do if I want to move an appointee from one funding source to another?   

PI informs the Financial Administrator of FAU change verbally or by emai

Will UCPath check for availability of funds when processing payroll? 

No. The department analyst is responsible for verifying funds are available in new FAU. ServiceLink will be looking at valid FAU combinations and checking that a budget is associated with the fund. ServiceLink does not check for availability of funds or the balance of the fund.

Will I be able to input several FAU's at once?

Yes. ServiceLink will allow funding to be distributed to multiple FAUs for a position in a single request. 

What do I need to know about appointment end dates?  

There will need to be careful monitoring of funds since UCPath will not end an appointment when the fund expires.

Writing a new grant and need information for the budget?

You can still ask for help, but you will also be able to access information about salary and benefits for positions in your group, directly and 24/7.

How long will it take to process an FAU charge?

Processing of some transactions will take longer, since they will go through both Shared Services and UCPath.

Position Data Management (PDM)

What is Position Data Management?

The PeopleSoft system despite its name does not deal with people it deals with positions. Once, created the positions stays even if the person leaves.

Salary Cost Transfer (SCT)

What do I do if my Postdoc was paid from an incorrect fund?  

PI informs the Financial Administrator of Salary Cost Transfer change verbally or by email.

What are the timing constraints around salary cost transfers? 

PI’s will no longer have to wait until the end of month payroll run to see transactions and verify salary cost transfers. Salary cost transfers occur in UCPath as soon as the Shared Services Center Fulfiller processes the transaction. Completed salary cost transfers will be fed to the General Ledger and available 1-2 days after processing.

Is the Principal Investigator part of the approval workflow for all SCT's involving contracts and grants? 

Yes, in ServiceLink he or she will be part of the approval workflow. Otherwise, staff will be responsible for obtaining the PI's approval and including it as part of the documentation to support the request.

Will we receive an alert at the ServiceLink request has been completed?

Yes, by email.


What is ServiceLink?

ServiceLink is a UCR service request management system, which mostly allows departments and organizational units to initiate Human Resources, Academic Business, and Payroll transactions that will ultimately be processed and input into UCPath by the assigned Shared Service Center.

What can I access through ServiceLink? 

As faculty, you will have the option to use ServiceLink for some purposes. PI’s will now have the option to change/update payroll funds in ServiceLink. PI’s will also have the option to enter salary cost transfer requests. If they do not want to do this themselves, they can still go through their staff member.

This Servicelink feature will not be available at Go-Live you will still need to go through your staff member to change/update payroll funds and for salary cost transfer requests

Shared Services Centers (SSC)

What is the scope of UCR's UCPath Shared Services Centers?  

UCR’s Shared Services Centers will support the transaction processing components of the following seven processes:

  • Hiring
  • Resignation/Retirement
  • Time and Attendance
  • Position Management
  • Payroll funds
  • Salary Cost Transfers (SCT)
  • Extended Leave Management
  • The Shared Services Centers will also provide support for other processes required for payroll and other core UCPath functions (e.g. compensation and appointment changes).

Time & Attendance

11-month faculty are already doing on-line time reporting as are undergraduate students who we hire for hourly work. Will the rest of employees join these groups?  

We don't have any other populations that will need to be added to TARS at this time. 

What scenarios will trigger examination of the timesheet?

  1. Employees on extended leave
  2. Any changes to a previously approved timesheet
  3. Timesheets with excessive hours worked

Can I delegate time and attendance approval to someone else?  

A faculty member can nominate a senior member of their group.

If employee works in two different departments will they still have two separate timesheets?

No. Timesheets will have multiple approvers and faculty will be able to see total hours worked.

What if there is an error is leave reporting? Can changes be made to a submitted timesheet? 

The enhanced TARS system will allow you to go in and correct.

What changes do I need to be aware of when approving timesheets? 

Supervisors will have less time to approve timesheets of readers/tutors and academics who are paid biweekly.


Why are we doing UCPath? 

UC’s current Payroll Personnel System (PPS) is OVER 40-years old and uses technology from the 1960s. The problems associated with maintaining and operating PPS have made replacing it a UCPath a strategic priority.

What does UCPath stand for? 

UCPath = UC Payroll, Academic Personnel Business, Timekeeping & Human Resources

What is UCPath? 

UCPath will replace UC’s 40-year old Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) with a single new payroll and HR technology system, standardize and streamline payroll and HR processes system wide, and centralize certain HR, Academic Personnel, and payroll transactional processes within the UCPath shared service center.

Can UCR or any UC campus opt out of the project?  


When did UCOP request that UCR serve as a pilot campus and why is UCR participating? 

During the past 15 years, UC Riverside has successfully deployed many large and complex systems and has participated in numerous UC-wide initiatives.  After UCPath experienced several deployment delays, UCOP requested UCR’s participation as a pilot campus in the summer of 2015. The benefits of being a pilot campus are the ability for us to shape systems to UCR’s needs and the fact that our staff become experts in the new system they helped to create. The minus is there are always more problems at the beginning of any major implementation

UCPath Center (UCPC)

What is the UCPath Center (UCPC)? 

The UCPath Center (UCPC) is the physical location of University of California’s new shared services center.

Where is the UCPath Center Located?  

14350 Meridian PKWY

Riverside, CA 92518

UCPath Self-service Portal

What can I access through the UCPath Self-service Portal?

You can access personal data, benefits, earning statements, direct deposit, sabbatical credits, UC retirement quick link, and information about direct reports.  

Will I still use At Your Service Online (AYSO)?

Yes, AYSO will still be used to access historical paychecks, retirement and savings as well as beneficiary information.

Want to use multiple banks?

Will allow you to use up to 3 banks for direct deposit. 

Need to help out your direct report?

You can ask questions and initiate changes “on behalf of” your direct reports.

What can someone like your postdoc do? 

Enroll in benefits and directly update their personal profile (e.g. name change).